*The multi-question export capability with the Export Tool was released March 26, 2021.*

All of the report survey data behind the Behavioral and Trend Data dashboards is available for download. Keep reading for instructions on the two options for download: Single Question Export and Multi-Question/Full Survey Export.

Single Question Export

You can download results for a single question (including year-over-year results) on the main page of the dashboard without entering the Export Tool.

  1. Find the question you're looking for and set up any demographic filters or crosstabs

  2. Highlight the table by clicking your curser in the white space in the table column under "All Respondents"

3. Click 'Download' at the top right corner of the screen

4. Select your option for 'Download'. If downloading 'Data', you'll click "Download all rows in a text file" in the next window

Multi-Question or Full Survey Export

The Export Tool allows you to download results for lists of questions with any filters and/or crosstabs.

  1. Click the 'Export Tool' button

2. Create or modify your question list and apply any filters or crosstabs

Note: Any filters you set in the main dashboard page will carry over to the Export Tool screen.

3. Click Download (top right of the screen) > Crosstab > Behavioral Export

If you have the full time period set, the export will include results for every time (survey wave) the survey topic or question was asked. For example, the below setup will export the question results for all of the Cooking & Diets topic surveys fielded from 2017 to 2021.

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