How are each of the measures in the dashboard views calculated?

You can find the calculations for and more information on each of the tracked measures of Mindshare, Purchase Intent, YScore+, YScore, and more in the Measure Calculations article.

When was the YPulse Brand Data Platform launched/how long has the tracker been in place?

The tracker was launched in January of 2018 with the original YScore, which consists of 16 diagnostic measures. The survey was updated in early 2020, so some measures, including the Purchase Intent Scale and CSR Dimension, began tracking March 23, 2020.

Brands have been added and removed from the survey over the years, and you can view the full date range for which each brand has been tracked if you go to:

Overview > Tracked Brands in the dashboard.

Where can I find the full list of brands currently tracked?

Head over the the Brand Data dashboard where you'll first see the 'Overview' dashboard view. Scroll down the page until you find the 'Tracked' Brands' section, which displays the brands lists for those tracking in the U.S. and those tracked in Canada.

How often do you field the survey and what is the cadence for the reporting?

The brand tracker survey is in field daily with nearly 300 respondent interviews across all brands, and the most granular you can look at the data is weekly. Every Monday by EOB, we upload the previous week’s data into our Tableau dashboard, allowing all clients to have a week-to-week understanding of the market.

Clients are able to customize the reporting cadence in each view, with the following options: 4-Week Rolling Average, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, 12-Month Rolling, and Custom Split.

What is the sample size for each brand?

Benchmark brands, those added to the tracker via a client's Pro subscription, reach n=5,000 completes per year. Non-Benchmark brands, those brands not added as part of a client's subscription, reach on average n=1,000 completes per year.

What is the average length of the survey?

The questionnaire has been tuned to take no more than 13 minutes, and varies by device. Respondents on desktop will be asked about 16 brands and respondents on mobile will be asked about 8 brands. More than 60% of our respondents use their mobile phone to answer our surveys.

How many brands do respondents rate in each survey?

Respondents rate 16 brands if taking the survey via Desktop, Laptop or Tablet and 8 brands if taking the survey on a mobile device.

How is the survey presented to respondents? What does the brand data questionnaire look like?

You can access the questionnaire here. The link for the questionnaire is also available on each of the dashboard views in the platform.

Note that respondents are shown both the name and logo for each brand they are asked to rate.

What is the difference between YScore+ and YScore?

YScore refers to the first version of YPulse's brand success metric calculated from the original set of 16 measures the tracker was launched with in January of 2018.

YPulse added 5 new diagnostic measures to the survey, including a CSR dimension, on March 23, 2020. This lead to the new YScore+ measure, which is the average of each of the 20 (new and old) diagnostics. YScore+ only includes data from March 23, 2020 onwards.

You can read more about how YScore+ and YScore are calculated here.

Is the survey representative of the U.S. youth cohort/population?

We reach nationally representative quotas across age, race, gender and more, and use the National Center of Education Statistics and the US Department of the Census to create sample frames that are reflective of the US youth population.

When cutting and slicing the data with date and demographic filters, does the platform call out samples sizes less than 100?

The base sizes are always available when you hover in the charts in the platforms and are included in the data export files.

In Score Comparison > Brand Rankings, you can control the minimum base size for which you want brands to populate.

When looking at year over year differences or comparisons between brands, are there stat/significance testing capabilities in the platform?

No there is not. If interested in leveraging the YPulse team for significance testing on your brand data, please reach out to

If your questions aren't answered in the above or any of the Pro Brand Data Training Videos, please reach out to

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